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Mountains and bike

I welcome to my website. I want to share my experience in organising mountain and bicycle trips. I am inviting to read documentaries on our five family expeditions.

Word the "expedition" is here firmly exaggerated. It all started with the trip to Austria in 2003. That was the first time we went with the family on the holiday itself organized abroad. Previously we were only visiting family in Germany and on tours organized by travel agencies. We had some concerns due to poor knowledge of German. It turned out that knowing the average in English and German language at a basic level, you can safely get along in the German-speaking countries. In 2003, seven days in the Alps. The following year, again seven days, then several days cycling tour. It worked, so it was next.

What's on this site?

First of all reports from our family trips.
First was a trip to the mountains. In 2003 we went for a week in Salzburg Alps in a small village called Maria Alm. Driving a car met the Hohe Tauern attractions. At the end we went for a hike in the mountains and then we met a wonderful taste of the Alps.Na płaskowyżu Steinerne Meer
In 2004, a trip to the mountains again. We drove in the Ötztal Alps to Soelden. Every day, the entrance to the mountain peak, and each had more than 3,000 m above sea level. There, during long trips, a new idea - we will take in the mountain bikes.

Alpy Oetztalskie - pod szczytem Wilde Mannle

Then began the trips in the mountains and on the bike. In 2005, we went cycling along the River Inn - cycling route called Innradweg. We traveled over 300 km from the source Inn by Switzerland and Austria to the German border.Warownia w okolicach St. Moritz
In 2006, he was only a bike. We chose the easiest route cycling Austria - Donauradweg. We drove back over 300 km stretch from Passau to Vienna.Nad Dunajem - widok na Pasawę
Finally, in 2008 - again, a trip to the mountains and on the bike. First climbing trip in the valley of Zermatt, and then we went on bikes along the Rhone from Visp to Montreux on Lake Geneva. On our way we drove even a cable car to Mount Blanc. Travel of dreams.

Zermatt - Matterhorn

Year 2009. Our last trip ran through the valley of the Aare river. From the foothills of the Bernese Alps, north to the Swiss Jura and back in the Bernese Alps. The cost - 250 EU per person. I thought. it was cheaper. In addition to text and images are also videos. For the first time filming while riding a bicycle..
 Lucerna - most kaplicowy

I decided to put in our reportages large number of photos. I missed most of photos when I searched the internet and literature, choosing a route trips. Please see if we go up to Austria or Switzerland in order to ride a bike. For me it is worth, and I wanted to share.